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Hana Geissendorfer

Hana Geissendorfer

United Kingdom

Scriptwriter, Film Director, Production


Script&Pitch Participant 2011


Hana was born in London in 1984 and was raised in Greece and England, graduating with a BSc 1st class degree in Economics from Bristol University. After this she undertook an MFA in Film Directing at the International Film School of Paris (EICAR), where she wrote and directed her first two short films Play Time and Marion. Both shorts were screened at international festivals, with Play Time winning Best Youth Short at the Berlin Interfilm Festival.

After leaving EICAR Hana moved to Germany where she worked as 1st and 2nd Assistant Director on films and TV series.

She also made another short, Hermann, funded by the Film Commission North Rhine- Westphalia. Hermann won Best Live Action at the Palm Springs International Shortfest and the Audience Award at Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, as well as being screened at multiple international festivals.

In 2011 Hana was part of the Berlinale Talent Campus and selected for the TorinoFilmLab Script&Pitch programme. In 2012 she took part in the IFS ‘International Producing’ as well as the Binger Film Lab Acting for Directors programs and started writing for the TV series ‘Lindenstraße’.

Hana then joined the family business and is now Managing Director and Producer at Geißendörfer Film- und Fernsehproduktion. Productions under Hana’s wing include ‘Lindenstraße’ and ‘Der Bunker’ by Nikias Chryssos, which premiered at the Berlinale 2015.

company profile

Geißendörfer Film-und Fernsehproduktion (GFF):

Gff is an independent film and television production company based in Cologne and Munich. The company was founded in 1982 by writer, director and producer Hans W. Geißendörfer.
We develop and produce fictional formats for the big and the small screen and aim to create unique entertainment that gives audiences an intense and exciting viewing experience. Most important to us are character, story and a storyteller with something to say.

Besides a large number of German and international productions ranging from commercial to arthouse that have won many awards (including the Palme D’Or, German Film Award and Grimme Award), the ARD weekly TV series Lindenstrasse (since 1985) is our most well known product with well over 1,600 episodes to date.

Our current development slate spans all genres from post-apocalyptic sci fi to family entertainment and bold thrillers, and includes series, feature films and TV-dramas for both national and international audiences. What matters to us is that we identify with the story, not what it is classified as.

We like challenging projects and working with up and coming talent with strong original voices that sometimes find it hard to get heard, but are often worth listening too.