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Emilie Georges

Emilie Georges


Sales, Distribution


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After working at Flach Pyramide and Pan Européenne, where she was in charge of international co-productions, Emilie Georges founded Memento Films Distribution and Production with Alexandre Mallet-Guy, in 2003.
Launched at the 2005 Cannes Festival, Memento Films International, of which she is managing director, has led her to accompany and defend arthouse films by internationally respected directors.
Emilie Georges has been co-president of ADEF, the association of French sales agents, since 2009, and has been an elected member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of Unifrance since 2008. She also produces through her own production company, La Cinéfacture.

company profile

Memento Films International is an International Sales film company designated in tracking high-quality foreign films to promote and distribute them. We began our activity in Cannes 2005.

Attending major industry events (Sundance, Berlin, Tokyo FF, Hong Kong Filmart, Cannes, Venise, Toronto, AFM, Pusan), our ambition is to nurture and to consolidate talents around the world, with an award winning, original and innovative line-up. We want to find appropriate solutions in regards to give the best of ourselves to the films and to establish long-time synergised relationships with worldwide partners.

We have also a label called Artscope aiming to give fully to some masterpiece the notion of work of ART. We systematically develop event screenings in relation to non commercial circuits and places of culture (museums, houses of photography, galleries).