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Nicole Gerhards

Nicole Gerhards


Story Editor, Production


ScriptLab - match point Participant 2017
Decision Maker 2016
TFL Alumni Meeting Attendee 2013
Script&Pitch Participant 2012
Interchange Participant 2011


Nicole Gerhards studied in Paris as well as Producing at the dffb in Berlin. In 2006, she founded NiKo Film and produced such films as Lumber Kings, The Stranger in Me and Kill Me and co-produced Every Day is a Holiday, Double Take and The Prize, which were doted with prestigious awards, screened worldwide in film festivals, and released in many countries.

Nicole is a member of EAVE, ACE, the European and the German Film Academy. In 2012 Nicole was selected Cannes ‘Producer on the Move’ for Germany.

Development is a particularly fragile phase, but is nevertheless the basis of filmmaking. If the story fits, excellent: on to the next challenge! But if not, a good relationship between the producer and director is essential, on the one hand to challenge relentlessly, and on the other hand to trust each other deeply.

I would like to help the writers develop their stories with all the attention, openness and respect they deserve, so they become the stories that only these filmmakers can tell in that particular way. Sometimes that means taking a step back as producer and allowing things and thoughts to flow and grow.

I want to be an accomplice and build on my previous experience, have all means available in order to be able to help as much as possible for our films. It was exceptionally educational to see how the excellent script editors at TFL work and, alongside all the finesse and resources, not force things and nevertheless gently guide in new directions that the writers are allowed to discover for themselves.

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Exceptional films are our passion. Nothing more, nothing less. We want to tell rousing, universal stories. Stories that take us away to a different world and make us happy, if only for a moment; films bearing a distinct signature and unique identity. Our films are personal and socially relevant; they represent particular attitudes, while never forcing the issue.