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Nathalie Algazi

Nathalie Algazi




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Nathalie began as a production coordinator and post-production manager for French companies such as Les Films de la Croisade, Aeternam Films and Bonne Pioche.
Between 2011 and 2014, she was elected at the short film office of Syndicat des Producteurs Indépendants (SPI) and in 2014 attended EAVE Producers' workshop, focusing on strengthening a network of European co-producers.
Passionate about development and post-productions phases, she often works as a post-production manager on the films she produces and on some other projects outside of her company.
She produces feature films, short films and TV documentaries at La Voie Lactée.

company profile

In 2005, after many experiences shared in common and separately, Nathalie Algazi, Drouot François and Marie Sonne-Jensen founded La Voie Lactée in order to gather synergies of European filmmakers, artists and technicians on common projects and to build a network of European co-producers. La Voie Lactée has produced over fifteen short films and two feature films. French and European films that we chose for the quality of their history and their originality. La Voie Lactée is now developing two feature film projects, a TV series, two TV documentaries and two short films.