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Daan Gielis

Daan Gielis




Decision Maker 2016
Alumni Meeting Attendee 2013
Script&Pitch Participant 2012
Decision Maker 2011
Decision Maker 2010


After studying Film, Daan architected an all around career in the (inter)national film industry for almost 20 years, working a.o. for the Netherlands Film Festival, the International Film Festival Rotterdam (CineMart), producer Motel Films, distributor A-Film and sales agent Fortissimo Films.

From 2005 to 2012 Daan was Head of Talent & Communications of Binger Filmlab, responsible for the scouting of upcoming (inter)national talent and the marketing and PR. Besides that she was a member of the Selection Committee of the different labs.

Daan always had a passion for script writing that lead to a spirited career move in 2012. After short film Undertow (2011, Golden Calf competition), her first feature film La Holandesa (dir: Marleen Jonkman) and short films Gamechanger (dir: Christian van Duuren) and Jacob (dir: Daniel Nogueira) will be realised in 2016. Daan is currently developing two feature projects called Le Voyeur and Roze Koeken.

La Holandesa will be shot this fall (2016) in Chili, South America with actress Rifka Lodeizen in the lead role.