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Elda Guidinetti

Elda Guidinetti




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In 1991 Elda Guidinetti starts ventura film with Andres Pfaeffli.

She is still interested in discovering new talents - young and not so young - and authors that imagine/stress, each in her/his own ways, personal even defiant points of view on that red-hot magma that is our life/world.

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Since 1991 ventura film aims to produce films that cross borders - cultural, linguistic, political, genre ecc. - and explore new/old imaginary/real worlds with an unusual authorial visual approach. From Pedro Costa, Philip Groening, Lisandro Alonso, Michelangelo Frammartino, Silvio Soldini, Emma Dante, Alina Marazzi, Mimmo Calopresti, Paolo Franchi etc. to the new Swiss directors Martin Witz, Christoph Kühn, Elena Hazanov, Fulvio Bernasconi, Francesco Jost, Erik Bernasconi, Matthias Huser.