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Hannaleena Hauru

Hannaleena Hauru


Scriptwriter, Film Director


Decision Maker 2016
Script&Pitch Participant 2013


Hannaleena Hauru (1983) is a Finnish filmmaker living mostly in Helsinki.

She holds a Masters Degree in Arts from ELO Helsinki Film School in 2011, majoring in scriptwriting and directing, as well as Bachelor Degree in Culture and Arts from Tampere University, majoring in producing. Hannaleena has directed several short films, both fiction and experimental, two of which have premiered in Cannes Critics' Week, and many have been screened widely and acknowledged in Oberhausen, Uppsala and Tampere Film Festival and more.

In addition to making films she works as a freelance cultural producer, teacher, The Head of Film Lab Department at NISI MASA European Network of Young Cinema, is the founder of Helsinki Film Academy and The International Random Film Festival, and has experience in theatre directing.