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Peter Hyldahl

Peter Hyldahl




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Peter Hyldahl has been a producer and executive producer on an extensive range feature films and documentaries widespread across.

Peter is passionate about working with emerging creative talent. Like Beofilm, his motivation is working with innovative people and projects, striving to move creative boundaries and exploring new ways of producing. This interest is especially unfolded in transnational co-productions and international collaborations with other production companies.

In addition to Beofilm Peter Hyldahl is also the co-founder and co-owner of Beofilm Post Production and the production companies Paloma Productions, Beo Starling, Tambo Film and Grasværk.

Peter also co-founded of Wildersgade Filmhus, which is a creative office environment hosting various film companies of both distribution, production, post production, sound, VFX etc.


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We are committed to create artistic, innovative film and entertainment experiences. We attract and retain the best people by making our company a challenging and creative place to work and we are incredibly excited about what we do.
Beofilm was founded in 2002.