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Filip Kasperaszek

Filip Kasperaszek


Story Editor, Scriptwriter


SeriesLab - europe Participant 2019
Story Editing Participant 2015


Filip has been working in the US, Europe, China and India. At the moment he mainly focuses on TV writing and collaborates as a screenwriter with acclaimed Polish directors.

He teaches screenwriting at the Lodz Film School and at Scuola Holden in Torino. Before, he worked as a teaching assistant at the Columbia University in New York. He is one of the founders and consultants of Atelier Scenariuszowe - a year-long development workshop with a support of the Polish Film Institute and few other notable Polish film institutions.

For years, he also worked as a film editor. Last film he edited, This Is Where We Live premiered at SXSW in Austin and was released theatrically in the US.

He graduated from the Columbia University in New York (MFA in Directing) and Polish Film School in Łódź. He participated in numerous workshops and trainings, e.g., TorinoFilmLab (Script&Pitch, as a story editor trainee & SeriesLab as screenwriter); Sources2 (as a writer/director); Berlinale Talents (as a screenwriter), Cine Qua Non Lab (as a writer/director), MFI Script 2 Film (with the screenplay he’s writing with Anna Kazejak) and TransAtlantic Talent Lab (as a writer/director).

Personally, Filip considers himself a moderately talented (but passionate) amateur chef and keeps dreaming about his own vineyard. And he doesn’t care how cliché it might sound.