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Paweł Kosuń

Paweł Kosuń




SeriesLab - europe Participant 2019
Decision Maker 2018
Decision Maker 2014


Graduate of La Femis and the British NFTS (in the field of Film Production).

He has produced J. J. Kolski's Forest, 4am and Pardon; Tower. Bright Day by Jagoda Szelc a award-winning, David Ondricek’s In the Shadow. Another his production, Deerboy by Kasia Gondek, premiered this year at the Sundance Film Festival.
He has gained experience in numerous international co-productions. He is one of the founders of the Wrocław Film Foundation.

company profile

Centrala focuses on international co-productions, both fictions and documentaries.
Up until this point, Centrala has produced eight fictions and twelve documentaries that have been shown at dozens of international festivals such as Cannes, Vision du Reel, Locarno, Planete +Doc, , Cracow Film Festival, Warsaw Film Festival, Sundance, Berlinale. Films we produced have received 44 awards in many categories including 10 Grand Prix and 6 Best Picture awards. Currently, we have four films at the post-production level and five in development.

We have been working together since 2004.