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Antoine Le Bos

Antoine Le Bos


Story Editor, Scriptwriter, Training


Decision Maker 2019
Decision Maker 2018
Decision Maker 2017
Script&Pitch Tutor 2016
Story Editing Tutor 2015
Script&Pitch Tutor 2015


Antoine Le Bos is founder and CEO of LE GROUPE OUEST, European Film Lab created on the western coast of Brittany/France, a place which to this day has been coaching in development more around 700 filmmakers and writers from over 50 countries. He co-created the Cross Channel Film Lab experience, as well as more recently LIM (Less is more), The European programme for limited budget feature film development, supported by Media, as well as by Flanders, Krakow Region, Norway, Lithuania, Macedonia and Romania.
He has been a tutor/script-consultant for TorinoFilmLab main programme since 2007, as well for Dubai-Interchange, Doha Film Institute, NFDC in India...
He graduated from the French European Conservatoire for Film-writing (CEEA) in 1995, after studying philosophy at the Sorbonne and a first life as a sailor.

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European Film Lab
Established in Brittany since 2006
Founder of Cross Channel Film Lab
Founder of LIM - Less is more