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Catherine Maximoff

Catherine Maximoff


Film Director


AdaptLab Participant 2015


Following music studies and two university degrees in English and Communication, Catherine began her career as production assistant of a contemporary dance festival. It was by organizing dance film screenings that she got involved in cinema. She directed her first short film in 2001.

For ten years she has been filming dance and has made four creative documentaries, working closely with artists in the performing arts, to share contemporary culture with a wide audience. All but one of these have been co-produced by Arte.

With this rich experience, she is now in the process of defining her own voice through writing stories. She has trained in taking part in two script development Labs (SOS / The Bureau and Le Groupe Ouest).

She is currently developing two feature films, after working as writer with directors such as Werner Penzel (Prix Fondation Gan) and Vladimir Blazevski on his current project Freedom or Die.
Lucky summer is coming, presently developed through AdaptLab, is her first feature as writer-director, for which she just received a writing grant from the Provence Region.