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Leonardo Mecchi

Leonardo Mecchi




FrameWork Participant 2016
Decision Maker 2015
Decision Maker 2013


Leonardo Mecchi was born in Sao Paulo in 1977. He has worked over the last 10 years as a producer in feature films such as OBRA, by Gregorio Graziosi (Roma, Toronto and Critics’ Award at Rio FF), SUPER NADA, by Rubens Rewald (Best Film at Rio FF and Best Actor at Gramado FF), and CHANTAL AKERMAN, FROM HERE, by Gustavo Beck and Leonardo Luiz Ferreira (FidMarseille, Viennale and BAFICI).

As head partner at Enquadramento Produções, he is currently in post-production of MORMAÇO, by Marina Meliande (Cinefondation Residence and Work-in-Progress Award at Holland Film Meeting), and LOS SILENCIOS, by Beatriz Seigner (awarded at Aide aux Cinemas du Monde, in co-production with French company Cine-Sud Promotion and Colombian company DiaFragma), and in pre-production of A MORTE HABITA À NOITE, by Eduardo Moroto (Cinema en Developpment and FiGa/Br Awards at BrLab), and THE FEVER, by Maya Da-Rin (Cinefondation Residence, La Fabrique des Cinemas du Monde), in coproduction with French company Still Moving. He also works as a curator, jury member and producer at film showcases and festivals.

company profile

Enquadramento Produções is a Brazilian company based in São Paulo founded by producer Leonardo Mecchi. Enquadramento is specially engaged in the development and production of film projects with unique looks, personal aesthetic and innovative proposals, selected by some of the major national and international film festivals such as Viennale, FID Marseille, BAFICI, Gramado and Tiradentes.