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Aurélie Mertenat

Aurélie Mertenat


Scriptwriter, Film Director


AdaptLab Participant 2013


Aurélie Mertenat graduated from the Cinema Department of the Graduate Institute of Art and Design (HEAD) in Geneva in 2010, where she wrote and directed a short-film documentary (La maison de Cédric) and a short-film (Toupie).

Filmmakers such as Albert Serra, Charles de Meaux, Miguel Gomez, and Apitchatpong Weerasetakhul have been sources of precious exchange and teachings. In 2011, she began her first full-length film at the Graduate Institute of Art in Lausanne while enrolled in a Masters in Screenwriting.

In parallel, Aurélie Mertenat collaborates in the production of numerous films, documentary and fiction, as an assistant director and sound engineer ("Tableau Noir" by Yves Yersin / "La Maladie Blanche" by Christelle Lheureux).

In 2011, she co-founded the association "Vue sur mer films" whose goal is to produce 'auteur' cinema in Switzerland.  She is also part of an author's collective "Terrain vague".

In 2017, she's presenting a medium-lenght at the 70th Festival Locarno called "Pietra Tenera".

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Terrain Vague is a swiss partnership of filmmakers commited in producing the movies of its seven members.