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Bogdan Mirica

Bogdan Mirica


Scriptwriter, Film Director


Script&Pitch Participant 2013


After graduating from Journalism, Bogdan works as an editor, copywriter and novelist, until 2005 when he becomes the youngest Creative Director in the European advertising industry, at the age of 27.

Nonetheless, his interests in cinema lead him to study Screenwriting and Producing at the University of Westminster, London and then to a career in the industry.

While he starts working as a script reader in London, he also attends several workshops taught by Martin Scorsese, Ken Loach, Bruce Robinson, etc. Ultimately he decides coming back to Romania where he works as a screenwriter, his present credits including two feature films (2009, 2012) and a TV series (2012).

In 2011 Bogdan writes and directs his first short film Bora Bora, winner of Best European Short Film in Premiers Plans (Angers, France), winner of Best Romanian Film at Transylvania Film Festival and selected amongst others at Festival del Film Locarno, Warsaw Film Festival and Thessaloniki Int’l Film Festival. 
At the moment, Bogdan works on his debut feature film Dogs and has recently been commissioned to write a new TV series for HBO.