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Petar Mitric

Petar Mitric


Audience Designer, Production


Decision Maker 2018
Meeting Event Trainer 2018
Audience Design Participant 2014


Petar Mitric received his PhD in European film policy (with the focus on European co-production) from the University of Copenhagen where he works as a lecturer. He attained experience in European film industry during his residency at the Danish Film Institute, Eurimages and MEDIA Desk Austria, and while working for the Austrian production company "Nina Kusturica Projects" and the "MEDICI-Film Funding Journey" programme. In 2018, Petar co-authored the book "European Film and TV Co-production: Policy and Practice". Since 2015, he has been working for Belgrade-based production company IGNIS as a producer.

company profile

IGNIS was founded in Belgrade in 2013. Its largest completed project to date is the documentary DANUBE FLOATING FREE, a road movie about the independent art scenes in the cities on the Danube, shot in eight cities and five countries. In addition to film production, IGNIS has been involved in various projects in video art, multimedia exhibitions, workshops and performances.