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Patrice Nezan

Patrice Nezan




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Producer of:
THE TOWER, Mats Grorud (in production, Eurimages, Rhône-Alpes Cinéma)
SOUTH TO NORTH, Antoine Boutet (Locarno 14)
COME IL VENTO, Marco Simon Puccioni (Rome 13)
KURDISH LOVER, Clarisse Hahn (Belfort 12)
ZANZIBAR MUSICAL CLUB, Philippe Gasnier & Patrice Nezan (Popoli 12)
WAYNE McGREGOR, GOING SOMEWHERE, Catherine Maximoff (MK2 French release 11)
SCENES FROM A WILD BOAR HUNT, Claudio Pazienza (Visions du Reel 2009).

company profile

Les Contes Modernes, i.e. The Modern Tales, is aimed at taking part in intellectual debates within our contemporary societies by any means necessary (fiction, animation, creative documentary and transmedia).

Les Contes Modernes federates authors and artists of various horizons (film directors, visual artists, choreographers, graphic novelists, philosophers, game-designers etc.) who question the world surrounding us in all its complexity and who put the esthetic search at the heart of their creations. Our artistic process in favor of body movement more than dialogues is an attempt to draw a universal langage, to step across the borders.

Les Contes Modernes is a production company based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, South of France, between Lyon and Marseille, in La Cartoucherie, center of excellence for the animation industry.

Les Contes Modernes supports projects which develop a humanist, empathic and creative approach on the world of today and of tomorrow.