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Gabrielle Dumon




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Born in 1976 in Marseille, France, Gabrielle Dumon grew up in Sweden and Germany. She started her film career as an on-set script supervisor while finishing her Double Master’s Degrees in Paris.
In 2001, she started working at ACE, a unique European network of film producers, providing tailor-made support services focused on both the creative and financial dimensions of filmmaking. Working hand in hand with the elite of European producers, she mostly acted as a consultant and matchmaker for them in relation to the international industry, film festivals, projects consultants and potential co-producers. During the 7 years she spent at ACE, she worked with over 150 European producers on hundreds of feature film projects.
In 2008, she joined producer Bertrand Faivre’s LE BUREAU FILMS in Paris, where she has acted since as Head of Development, Head of Co-productions and Post-production Supervisor on all of the company’s productions. Made a partner in 2011, Gabrielle currently develops and produces her own projects in the frame of the company: SKY (Fabienne Berthaud) premiered at Toronto's Platform section 2015, TRAMONTANE (Vatche Boulghourjian) premiered at Cannes' Critics Week 2016, and SOLLERS POINT (Matt Porterfield) premiered in competition at San Sebastian 2017.

company profile

Production companies LE BUREAU (Paris) and THE BUREAU (London) were set up in 2000 by Bertrand Faivre. His producing partners are Gabrielle Dumon in France and Tristan Goligher in the UK.

Over the last 15 years, both companies have gained recognition on either side of the Channel for the distinctive talents they have nurtured and retained, as well as for the excellence shown to their financial partners in the management of the companies.

THE BUREAU SALES, based in Paris, handles international rights for a library of above 600 prestigious titles and does consider handling international rights for fresh films, but only if they are either produced or co-produced by LE BUREAU or THE BUREAU.