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Marie Schmidt Olesen

Marie Schmidt Olesen


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Decision Maker 2017
Decision Maker 2015


Marie Olesen is an award-winning Film & TV producer and factual journalist. She joined New Danish Screen, the Danish Film Institute's talent development scheme, as a commissioning editor in 2012. Prior to that, she lived in Scotland where she was Head of Development with Northlight Productions before setting up Glasgow-based production company Autonomi Ltd with two business partners in 2002.

She has filmed across the world and produced drama, current affairs and documentaries for both international and Scottish audiences. Marie is also co-founding director of training & mentoring outfit Diversity Films CIC, and has nurtured 50+ films into being with over 300 people.

Producer credits include: Milk, Kurdi, Run, Good Cop, Wasted Nation, Bedroom Radio, Come Closer.

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New Danish Screen is a professional talent subsidy scheme providing support for all film formats and transmedia projects.

NDS is aimed at enabling emerging writers, directors and producers to hone their skills, visual style and creative vision through development and production. Furthermore it facilitates cinematic experiments by more manifested talent, as well as supporting established creative practitioners in changing course from past practice and productions.