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Marco Valerio Fusco

Marco Valerio Fusco




Decision Maker 2018
Decision Maker 2017
Decision Maker 2016
Decision Maker 2015


Sales manager with a ten-year experience in the industry.
Since 2013 is also responsible for acquisitions.
EAVE Producer Workshop 2017 graduates.
M & D Workshop 2011 at MBS.

company profile

Intramovies is an independent company established over forty years ago with the intent to be the helping arm for creative producers and new directors. During all this time it has remained mainly and foremost an international distributor of quality movies from all over the world, particularly focused on first and second features directed by talent directors.

Every year the company's line up is chosen among high standard production value movies that get their highlights at major international festivals.

Intramovies also boasts a wide catalogue that includes some of the most prestigious Italian classics directed by acclaimed authors like Fellini, Antonioni, Visconti, Argento, Pasolini, De Sica and many others.