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Ahmed Amer

Ahmed Amer


Scriptwriter, Production


FeatureLab projects Participant 2021
FeatureLab 360 Participant 2017
Script&Pitch Participant 2016
Interchange Participant 2011


Ahmed Amer, screenwriter, director, and producer, lives between Cairo and New York. "Hamlet from the Slums" is his seventh feature as a screenwriter. His writing credits include "Winter of Discontent," (Venice Orizzonti 2013,) dialogue for Shirin Neshat’s film titled "Looking For Oum Kalthoum," and Omar Zohairy's "Feathers of a Father." Amer’s script "Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim" premiered at Dubai Film Festival 2016 and won best actor prize. It also had a wide theatrical release in France.

In 2020, Amer has launched A. A. Films to focus on developing and producing Egyptian art house films that tackle contemporary issues hardly portrayed in mainstream Egyptian Cinema. For "Hamlet from the Slums," Amer is teaming up with Film Clinic on the production side.

Amer has attended workshops and trainings including Sundance Lab, Eave, Berlinale Talents, and Torino Film Lab.

company profile

A. A. Films is a new production company that started in 2020. The founder Ahmed Amer has previously produced shorts and co-produced his directorial debut feature “Kiss Me Not” (Dubai Film Festival 2018).

Amer has been active in the film industry since 2010 mainly as a screenwriter with credits that include “Winter of Discontent” by Ibrahim El Batout and “Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim” by Sherif El Bendary and “Fathers of a Father” by Omar El Zohairy.

Amer also worked on Shirin Neshat’s film “Looking for Oum Kalthoum” as a script consultant and associate producer.

As a screenwriter, Amer has been invited to EAVE, Sundance Lab, Torino Film Lab and Berlinale Talent Campus. He acted as a jury member of Sawiras Screenwriting Competition.

His films as a screenwriter has been funded by DFI, AFAC and CNC amongst many other organizations.

Amer has been invited to Rotterdam’s Producers Lab 2021.

For “Hamlet From the Slums,” A.A. Films is working with Film Clinic (Mohammad Hefzi) as co-producer.