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Eun-Zi Kim

Eun-Zi Kim




TFL Alumni Meeting Attendee 2017
AdaptLab Participant 2016


Eun-Zi Kim is an Austrian writer and creative producer with Korean origins who lives and works in Berlin. After her legal training at UCL London, she gained film and TV series production experience in Korea, Austria and Germany, and graduated from the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris (La Femis – Film Academy Baden- Wurttemberg) with the action comedy short PRESSURE! (Max Ophuls Festival 2012). She developed and produced the feature-length documentary FEMMEFILLE by Kiki Allgeier (DOK Leipzig 2014). In May 2013 she joined DCM, a film production & distribution company in Berlin, whilst continuing to write. In 2014 she wrote THE RED THREAD, a script for a feature-length thriller, in HFF Munich’s script lab (Drehbuchwerkstatt Munchen). Most recently she developed the serial drama A DREAM OF EUROPE as part of a writers’ room headed by Keith Cunningham. Her writing is nourished by her experience in media politics, diplomacy and the film industry, her cross-cultural nature and her alert curiosity.