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Aleksandra Świerk

Aleksandra Świerk


Story Editor, Scriptwriter


TFL Alumni Meeting Attendee 2017
Story Editing Participant 2016


Aleksandra works as a scriptwriter and script consultant. She has been developing her skills in the field of scriptwriting since 2006, taking part in numerous workshops and trainings organized by institutions such as Sources2, MIDPOINT, The Script Factory, In_Script, NISI MASA. She teaches screenwriting at a private film school in Krakow – Akademia Multi Art, also supervising the development of students’ scripts. In her professional career she has assisted in the development of almost a hundred scripts within different workshops as a tutor and as a freelance consultant. Documentaries and animation are also a big part of her consulting experience. Having just finished working on her own short film script, developed through a NISI MASA workshop, now she moves on to writing new projects: a feature animation, the story of a girl who feared too little, an adaptation produced by EGoFilms and an original feature script called FIVE HAPPY PEOPLE.