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Frédéric Zeimet

Frédéric Zeimet




AdaptLab Participant 2016


Frederic Zeimet is a Luxembourgish-born 33 year-old screenwriter. An eager storyteller, passionate about movies, Frederic studied Scriptwriting in Brussels. He worked with Luc Dardenne on his first long-feature script, an adaptation of Friedrich Durrenmatt’s THE JUDGE AND HIS HANGMAN. He took part in several screenwriting competitions, was selected for the International Screenwriters’ Festival, twice for the Screenwriters’ White Night at the Cannes Film Festival, and finally won the Jury Prize at the Best Junior Script Prize in France in 2010. BLIND SPOT (DOUDÉGE WÉNKEL), the movie he co-wrote, hit the cinemas in 2012, the same year, COMEBACK, a sitcom on which he worked as Headwriter and Co-Showrunner, was broadcasted on RTL. This experience led him to be part of the European TV Lab in 2013. He is currently working on TV projects in France and Belgium and long-features in Luxembourg and France. Frederic speaks and works in four languages: Luxembourgish, French, German and English. These linguistic capacities have allowed him to work as a script doctor on numerous films in France, Germany and the UK.