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Cristina Bîlea

Cristina Bîlea




TFL Alumni Meeting Attendee 2017
AdaptLab Participant 2016


Born in Romania in 1987, Cristina began her career by writing different versions of the same essay, in order to help her same age cousin who had a hard time fulfilling the school assignment. Although she complained to her parents, she secretly enjoyed the process and decided to study writing at university.Years later, she finished Audio-Visual Studies at the National University of Drama and Film, I. L. Caragiale, Bucharest, followed by a Master in Scriptwriting at the same university.

Cristina developed her diploma feature-length script, SUMMER HAS ENDED (VARA S-A SFÂRȘIT) further at Strangers Script Lab. The script was subsequently awarded Best Feature Screenplay in 2012 at the HBO Romania Script Contest and the film has been produced and will have its theatrical release in 2016.

Cristina is currently working as Guest Manager for Transilvania International Film Festival, amongst other film festivals in Romania and developing her writing working on different genre films.