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Aly Muritiba

Aly Muritiba


Scriptwriter, Film Director


Script&Pitch Participant 2016


Aly Muritiba was born in a small city in Brazil’s Northeast. Son of a truck driver and passionate about movies, he moved to the South to study Cinema. He worked as prison officer to make a living while finishing his studies. Aly directed three films based on his experience in prison and received more than 100 awards for them. The first one, the short film THE FACTORY (A FÁBRICA, 2011), won 58 prizes in festivals in countries like Canada, France, USA and Italy, and was also shortlisted at the Oscars. PÁTIO (2013), was the only Brazilian movie screened during Cannes Critics’ Week in the year of its release. A GENTE (2013), documentary about Aly’s routine in the prison system, was screened at the 33rd Amiens International Film Festival (IDFA) and won at DOK Leipzig. TARÂNTULA (2015) his latest short film, allowed Aly to exhibit a movie at the 72th Venice Film Festival. His first feature film, TO MY BELOVED (2015), was awarded for screenplay and direction in festivals such as Brasilia, Sundance and was also screened in San Sebastian.