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Matheus Parizi

Matheus Parizi


Scriptwriter, Film Director


Script&Pitch Participant 2013


Born in Sao Paulo, in 1983, Matheus graduated in Performing Arts from the Pontifical University of Sao Paulo and worked as a director, dramaturge and stage director in innumerous theatre productions.

In 2008, after staging Jean Cocteau\'s The Human Voice in Sao Paulo and Rio, he moved to New York, where he studied filmmaking and worked in the industry until 2011.

In 2012 he wrote and directed the short film O Afinador, which premiered in Orizzonti and was the only Brazilian film in the Venice Film Festival\'s selection that year. Since then, O Afinador is being screened in different festivals around the world and has received the SIGNIS Award Special Mention at the Havana Film Festival and the Onda Curta Acquisition Prize at the Rio de Janeiro International Shortfilm Festival.

Currently, Matheus writes and directs the TV series No Divã do Dr. Kurtzman, which will air in Canal Brasil in 2013. The show is a meeting between a therapy session and a talkshow where real Brazilian celebrities go see an eccentric fictional therapist that puts his dubious methods to work.

Also, Matheus\'s first videoart piece, A mão que te alimenta, is now in post-production. The work is part of METAXU, a multimedia project formed by filmmakers, videoartists, stage directors and scholars aiming to discuss the writings of Simone Weil.