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Marina Gumzi

Marina Gumzi




Decision Maker 2016


Producer, author and the researcher of screen culture with a background in dramaturgy and performance art. Managing director of Ljubljana-based production studio NOSOROGI (Playing Men, 2017; Stories from the Chestnut Woods, 2019, Fiume o morte!, in production). Curious about new models of collaborative storytelling and principles of creative expression through new technologies. Lives and works in Berlin and Ljubljana.

company profile

NOSOROGI is a workshop-based micro studio for collaborative design of original and impactful audio-visual content with potential to resonate across different platforms and international audiences. Films by NOSOROGI have been screened across the globe at festivals such as Toronto - TIFF, IFF Rotterdam, FID Marseille, in Sarajevo, Shanghai, Nara and Tallinn, as well as in art spaces such as Pompidou Centre and the Museum of the Moving Images.