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Fulvio Firrito

Fulvio Firrito


Television, Production


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Fulvio Firrito began his career in Rai in 2011. In his role, he has to value the new projects and oversee the projects in progress.

Prior to this role, Fulvio Firrito served as marketing and strategy consultant to a consulting firm in Milan.

Previous to his experience as consultant, Fulvio Firrito has carried out two research project regarding film and television and he took part in a permanent workshop film production (LA MUSA); at the same time he worked as journalist, writing movie reviews (LA SICILIA).

Fulvio Firrito has studied business strategy at SDA Bocconi and before that he had a master degree in communication.

company profile

Rai Cinema is a Rai Group Company established with the specific purpose of strengthening the Italian cinematographic industry. The obligation to invest in Italian cinema productions, originally provided for by the law, turned over time into an opportunity for developing the cultural industry of the country.

Rai Cinema offers its ideational, productive and financial contribution to independent producers who intend to implement projects in the cinematographic field.

In so doing, Rai Cinema has contributed and is still contributing to the realization of a considerable share of the Italian cinema, from the works of the great masters to those of quite a few neophytes that, in such a way, have the chance of taking their first steps in the cinema. Important films, bought in the international markets, back up this quality production, creating a list that succeeds in attaining mutual synergic effects.

With a view to ensuring the maximum visibility to its own titles, Rai Cinema is operating in the film distribution and home video sector through division 01 Distribution,that in just a few years, has achieved an important position in the domestic film distribution, ensuring a previously unknown support to Italy's new quality cinema.

Just as important is Rai Cinema's commitment with respect to the acquisition of audio-visual products both in Italy and abroad, to ensure that the Rai Networks might meet all their programming requirements in terms of films, TV-movies, TV-series and cartoons.

Within this context, Rai Cinema is actively monitoring the national and international market of television rights, following closely the available contents, the product evolution and features, the typology and content of the rights, the contractual standards, the offer platforms and the competitive scenarios.

Besides, Rai Cinema sees to the enhancement of its rights catalogue in every segment of the audio-visual media sector, supplying the relative product to all the transmission platforms on which Rai operates and entering into specific marketing agreements with the other operators present in the national and international markets.