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Gaetano Maiorino

Gaetano Maiorino




Decision Maker 2019
Decision Maker 2016


After a degree in Communication and Journalism, Gaetano works in the operations at the Rome International Festival (2006-2010) and in the programming department of the Seattle International Film Festival (2010-2011). In 2011 he attends the Master in Film Marketing, Distribution and Sales organized by ANICA (National Association of Italian Film Companies), specializing in International sales and starting his career in this field as a Sales and Technical Coordinator at Adriana Chiesa Enterprises.

In 2013 he moves to Canada to work in the Industry Office of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Once back to Rome, he starts collaborating with Coccinelle Film Placement, working for almost two years as Sales and Acquisitions Consultant before joining True Colours in December 2015.