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Pierre Hodgson

Pierre Hodgson

United Kingdom

Scriptwriter, Training


ScriptLab - projects Tutor 2018
ScriptLab - story editing Tutor 2018
ScriptLab - original Tutor 2017
ScriptLab - story editing Tutor 2017
Decision Maker 2016


Pierre Hodgson was born in London in 1959. After Oxford, he came to Paris where he was coordinator on Olivier Assayas' first film and 1st AD to Raul Ruiz on Treasure Island, a film shot in Portugal. The next years were spent commuting between a job as a television producer in London and screenwriting in Lisbon, for Joao Canijo. Two of these films went to Un Certain Regard. Since then, he has continued to combine making political documentaries with screenwriting, including Philippe Grandrieux' Sombre, Randa Chahal's Infidèles and three features by Jerôme de Missolz. He has worked with Thomas Bidegain, Patricia Mazuy, Jean-Gabriel Periot and Marina de Van among many others.