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Philippe De Schepper

Philippe De Schepper


Scriptwriter, Television, Production


SeriesLab - europe Participant 2017


Philippe De Schepper graduates as a director at the RITCS film school in Brussels in 1996. In 1999 he re-invents himself as a scriptwriter. Since 2006 he has been a showrunner, creating, writing and producing his own series in collaboration with other writers (mostly with Bas Adriaensen).

He has overseen 4 seasons of the internationally sold series Missing Persons Unit, the award winning series Double Life, and 3 seasons of the highly successful series Homegrown.

company profile

jonnydepony BVBA is an independent Belgian production company founded by Philippe De Schepper in 2015.

With jonnydepony Philippe wants to give himself the opportunity to get the most from his ideas. Apart from that, he wants his company to be the creative home for other aspiring showrunners. He dreams about discovering new screenwriting talent and counseling them through the rest of their career.

First production will be the political thriller 'Blackout' , a series for public broadcaster VRT. Principal shooting starts September 2018.

Another project, ‘A.K.A Marcus’ (formerly known as ‘It's Me’) was selected by the TorinoFilmLab Serieslab, where it is currently in development.