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Mira Fornay

Mira Fornay


Film Director


SeriesLab - europe Participant 2017


Mira Fornay is mainly film author who made two feature films and 14 shorts. She studies film directing at FAMU, Prague and NFTS, UK. Her second film, My Dog Killer (2013) won the main Tiger Hivos Award of the main competition at Rotterdam IFF in 2013. The film was selected over 80 international film festivals and among other in- ternational prizes won the CineVision Award at Munich IFF, best director IFF Vilnius, IFF Zerkalo etc. It was nominatad for EFA awards and was slovac national entry for foreigner oscars. It won national film awards “Slnko v Sieti” for best the script, best director, best film. Foxes (2009) – her feature debut, premiered at International Critic‘s Week, Venice Film Festival 2009 and it went to top world festivals tour as well. She works now on her 3rd feature film Cook, F**k, Kill (Frogs With No- Tongues) and already main prize fot best project in development in sofia meetings at the IFF Sofia.

company profile

mirafox is an independent company based in a small town in Slovakia since 2007. It was established to produce and support Mira Fornay's films.