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Rim Mejdi

Rim Mejdi


Scriptwriter, Film Director


ScriptLab - original Participant 2017


Born in August the 7th 1989 in Marrakech, Morocco, Rim Mejdi integrated the school of visual arts of Marrakech in 2007. She graduated with a bachelor degree in directing in 2010.
During those 3 years she directed 3 short films: a short documentary titled “Stone and fire”, two short fiction “Ruins” and “2=1=0" and “Out of town” a final study film. Rim Mejdi usually uses diverted narratives and subtle mise en scène to depict characters in the search of themselves.
In 2014 she graduated with a Masters Degree in Film Directing From ESAV Marrakech .
Her final study short fiction “Out of town” was selected and screened in several festivals: Locarno, Cinemed Montpellier, Carthage Film Festival and Cairo International Film Festival among others. She is currently in production of her first feature documentary “Woman without a face” and in development of her first feature fiction. She is currently making her debut as a producer of a feature hybrid film by a young Moroccan filmmaker, and working as an independent curator and within the Collective Madrassa for art practitioners and curators from West Africa and North Africa and the Middle East.