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Adina Pintilie

Adina Pintilie


Scriptwriter, Film Director


TFL Alumni Meeting Attendee 2017
FrameWork Participant 2011
Script&Pitch Participant 2007


Romanian filmmaker, recent graduate from the Nat. University of Drama and Film Bucharest, Directing Dept. At the border between fiction, documentary and visual art, her work is very particular in the new Romanian cinema landscape, distinguishing itself through a highly personal visual style, daring to experiment in cinema language, an uncompromising exploration of human psychology.

Her medium length Don’t Get Me Wrong premiered in Locarno IFF-Filmmakers of the Present Competition, was awarded Golden Dove Best Doc. Award at DOK LEIPZIG 2007 and selected/awarded in 50 international film festivals like IDFA, Thessaloniki, Montpellier, Trieste, Namur, Munich, Moscow, Sarajevo, Warsaw. Her latest film Oxigen screened in Rotterdam, BAFICI, Montpellier, Thessaloniki, Tampere, Warsaw. Her short SANDPIT#186 was selected in Locarno 2008 and won the Runner Up Award in Miami IFF and Special Mention in Trieste IFF.

Touch me not, her first feature, received ARTE France Cinema Award as most promising project, Cinemart 2011, Jury Special Mention Cinelink 2011, was selected in Binger Filmlab (Writers + Directors Lab).

company profile

MANEKINO FILM (Romania) is a Bucharest based independent production company, aimed to create and promote innovative cinema and filmmakers with strong personal views on contemporary reality. MANEKINO FILM was created by the filmmakers Adina Pintilie and Marius Iacob, setting an official frame for their more than 10 years of creative team work. MANEKINO FILM's productions have been selected/awarded in many prestigious international film festivals such as Locarno, Rotterdam, IDFA Amsterdam, Sarajevo, Dok Leipzig, Moscow, Visions du Reel Switzerland, Krakow, Thessaloniki etc



TOUCH ME NOT (100', 4K, 2016/2017)
Writer/ Director: ADINA PINTILIE
Producer: MANEKINO FILM (Romania)
Coproducers: 4 PROOF FILM (Romania); ROHFILM (Germany); UNLIMITED (France)
Delegate producer: Monica Lazurean Gorgan
Executive producer: Bianca Oana

MDM Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung Germany 2014
Romanian Film Fund - Best Debut Feature - 2013
Bulgarian Film Fund 2015
Atelier Cinefondation - Cannes Film Festival 2012
MEDIA Development - Best Fiction Project in Single Project section
Torino Filmlab - Main Production Award 2011
ARTE France Cinema Award - Cinemart Rotterdam 2011
BINGER Filmlab Amsterdam 2011

TOUCH ME NOT is a film about intimacy, as a fundamental aspect of human experience. An exploration that questions our preconceived ideas about intimacy. A film on how human beings can reach intimacy in the most unexpected ways.

LOGLINE: A woman and two men in search of intimacy. Their solitudes meet - by chance or maybe they are meant to - in an attempt of contact which will change their lives.

Writer/Director: MARIUS IACOB
Producers: MANEKINO FILM (Romania), DOCDAYS (Germany)

PROJECT HISTORY: Winner Robert Bosch Award for Documentary 2014 (Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung for International Cooperation between Young Filmmakers from Germany and Eastern Europe); Main Award for the best script HBO National Script Contest organized within the 12th edition of Transilvania International Film Festival (june 2013); Docs Barcelona Award in East European Forum, Prague 2014; Ex-Oriente Workshop – IDF development program, Rijeka, Jihlava, Prague 2013/2014; EDN Docs in Thessaloniki Pitch Forum (march2013)
SYNOPSIS: Baile Herculane, one of the oldest SPA resorts in Europe, where a century ago kings and queens used to slip their bodies into the healing waters, becomes a labyrinth where the low – middle class people get lost in searching for the „Well Being”. nA portrait of a nomad community formed in Baile Herculane SPA resort. Small entrepreneurs rise in this community setting themselves up as mentors, masseurs and healers. Two seasonal masseurs serve as guides through this labyrinth of a “low-cost” Garden of Eden.

24 BUCKETS/ 7 MICE/ 18 YEARS (40', 2012, Romania)
Writer/Director: Marius Iacob
With the support of the Open Society Documentary Program of Soros Foundation

International Premiere: VISIONS DU REEL International Documentary Film Festival 2012, Switzerland - International competition
SILVER DRAGON AWARD for best short documentary - KRAKOW International Film Festival 2012
EDN European Documentary Network Award - SARAJEVO International Film Festival 2012
DOK LEIPZIG 2012 - International Competition
Special Mention - LISTAPAD International Film Festival, Minsk 2012
Taiwan International Documentary Festival 2012 - International Competition
THESSALONIKI International Film Festival 2013 - International Competition
TAMPERE International Film Festival 2013 - International Competition
Special Mention - ZAGREB DOX Croatia 2012
Special Jury Prize - CRONOGRAF International Documentary Festival, Moldova 2013
TRANSILVANIA International Film Festival - Romanian Competition

A unique way of life that repeats itself every day, slowly transformed Imre and Piroska in some museum exhibits. In a quiet and isolated world we meet a couple whose existence begins to depend on the interaction with a different world and the absurd within. Yet, their life stands still, like in a museum diorama, from which they are trying to break through.

DIARY #2 (16', 2013, Romania/ The Netherlands)
Writer/Director: Adina Pintilie
Associate producer: Binger Filmlab Amsterdam; Digital Cube
Supported by: Romanian National Cinema Center

Jury Statement, Oberhausen Film Festival 2013: "Created as an experimental set-up between actress and director, the film feels its way into the memories and physicality of its protagonist. Looks, gestures and smells combine to form a narrative of great beauty. The tension between desire and fulfillment is sketched through the history of a body; a slow affirmation of the sensual present moment begins. This set-up of a documentary-fictional improvisation has a lasting effect."

ZONTA Award - Oberhausen International Film Festival (02-07.05.2013) - International Competition (world premiere)
Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival, Brazil, 2013
Sofia International Film Festival 2014 Bulgaria - Best Balkan Shorts
MEDIAWAVE International Film Festival 2014 Hungary
MESSAGE TO MAN International Film Festival 2014 Russia
NEXT International Short Film Festival 2014 Romania - National Competition

OXYGEN (40’, 35mm, 2010, Romania)
Writer/Director: Adina Pintilie
Producers: Manekino Film & Filmex Film
Financed by the Cinema Studio of the Romanian Ministry of Culture
Festival promotion: Romanian National Cinema Center

“Oxygen” is a free re-construction of a real case: a man tried to cross the Danube illegally using an oxygen cylinder, to escape the communist Romania. Yet, the facts are reinterpreted in a highly subjective vision. A hybrid of fiction, documentary and video art, blending stylized, rigorously constructed re-enactments with strange archive materials, in visuals and sounds of a haunting quality, the film depicts an emotional landscape, a man’s inner journey towards a healing hereafter.
During the communist dictatorship in Romania (1945-1989), thousands of people risked their lives in the attempt to run away from the country. Despair made them invent the most incredible methods to cross the border illegally. Some of them managed to escape, but many lost their lives in these attempts.

Tiger Award Short Film Competition - Rotterdam International Film Festival 2010
Buenos Aires International Film Festival BAFICI 2010
Montpellier International Film Festival 2010
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2010
Best European Short Film Award - International Short Film Festival In Drama Greece 2011
Silver Eye Award Nominee - Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2011
Tampere International Film Festival 2011
Bilbao Zinebi International Film Festival Spain 2010
Cork International Film Festival 2010
Warsaw International Film Festival 2010
Cambridge International Film Festival 2011
Lisbon International Independent Film Festival Indielisboa 2010
Rio de Janeiro International Women Film Festival FEMINA 2010
Prishtina International Film Festival Kosovo 2010
Nordic Film Festival Holland 2010
Transilvania International Film Festival Romania 2010
Documentarist International Documentary Film Festival Istanbul 2011
Romanian Film Festival New York 2010
Nominated for the Best Short Film at Romanian Film Industry Awards-GOPO 2011

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