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Jan Smutný

Jan Smutný

Czech Republic



ScriptLab - original Participant 2017


Jan Smutny was born in the Czech Republic. He studied Screenwriting and Audiovisual Studies at
FAMU in Prague and Performance Art at Faculty of Fine Arts at BUT in Brno. His experimental shorts
and documentaries were screened at several festivals and exhibitions in the Czech Republic. He
also appeared in a few public interventions, happenings and performances. However, most of the
time he was just writing.
Influenced by almost everything from action movies of the 80's to Roberto Bolano, he is a die-hard
fan of postmodern eclecticism. He has published two novels and few articles and essays, mostly
about films, pop culture and their relation to politics and society. Apart from that, he has written a
bunch of screenplays and stage plays.