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Kristian Novak

Kristian Novak


Writer, Scriptwriter


ScriptLab - adaptation Participant 2017


Kristian Novak (1979) was born in Baden-Baden, Germany. He attended primary school in Sv. Martin na Muri and grammar school in Čakovec. Graduating in Croatian and German Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in 2005, he earned his Ph.D. from Postgraduate Linguistics Studies in 2011. He holds a lectureship with the Department of Croatian Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Rijeka and teaches also at the Department of German Studies in Zagreb. Novak’s chief areas of research include historical sociolinguistics, multilingualism (Croatian–German language and culture contacts) and
national identity. In 2012 he published the extensive study Višejezičnost i kolektivni identiteti iliraca (Multilingualism and Collective Identities of the Members of the Illyrian Movement).His novel "Obješeni" ("The Hanged") was published in 2005.
His highly acclaimed second novel "Črna mati zemla" ("Dark Mother Earth") was published in2013. The novel was named one of the ten best Croatian novels in the last 50 years by Večernji list. In 2014, the novel won the Tportal prize for Croatian Novel of the Year in 2013. The Slovenian edition of "Črna mati zemla" (translated by Đurđa Strsoglavec) was published by Modrijan in 2015 and received additional critical acclaim. The Hungarian edition was published in March, 2016. Further translations are underway. Film and theater
adaptations of the novel are in progress as well.
His third novel, "Ciganin, ali najljepši" ("Gypsy, yet so Beautiful") was published in November 2016. The first edition was sold out within a month of the launch, and received wide critical acclaim.