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Bảo Lê

Bảo Lê


Film Director


FeatureLab 360 Participant 2017


A self-trained cinephile, Vietnamese filmmaker Lê Bảo made his first short film when he was 20 years old, borrowing an old camera from a friend. Born in 1990, his interest in cinema began as a little boy looking through the small window of his house that sits by the river in the slums of Saigon. He learnt about cinema through watching foreign films on his computer. His short films Coal and Scent are shot in the underdeveloped areas where he grew up. Taste, his first feature, is also shot with non-professional actors in the places he has known all his life.

company profile

Le Bien Pictures is a Vietnamese production company founded in 2018 by writer/director Lê Bảo and producer Đồng Thị Phương Thảo to produce Lê Bảo’s debut feature film Taste. The project received numerous awards during its development; including the Most Promising Project at the SGIFF Southeast Asian Film Lab, ARTE International Prize and the Co- Production Award at TorinoFilmLab, and funding support from Purin Pictures, World Cinema Fund, and Cinémas du Monde. Slated for completion in 2021, the film is represented for World Sales by Wild Bunch International.