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Bao Le

Bao Le


Film Director


FeatureLab - 360 Participant 2017


My starting point in cinema came from the wish to have a hand-held camera to film my petty ideas; however it was impossible for me to buy one due to financial issue. When I was 20 years old, with an old camera I borrowed from a friend, I started my first scenes in my college’s old studio. Luckily, that studio was always abandoned at that time.
I grew up in a slumdog in Sai Gon. Neighbors’coming, leaving, sadness and a strange relationship between my parents are strong inspiration for me in both materials and thinking in cinema.
I am not making film to describe the reality in life. I am making film based on my personal feeling about life reality.
In 2013, I made the short film “Cuc than / Coals”
In 2014, I made the short film “Mui / Scene”, winning the reward “Golden Heart” for best short film in internation competition in YXINEFF 2014 (Yxine is considered an reputation and important international short film festival in Viet Nam)
“Taste” is my first independent movie. This is a rude look at the sadness and loneliness. The project “Taste” has won the contest Yxine Pitch Fest 2014, by The British Council and Yxine.