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Andrea Nobile

Andrea Nobile




SeriesLab - europe Tutor 2020
SeriesLab - europe Tutor 2019
SeriesLab - europe Tutor 2018
SeriesLab Italia Tutor 2017


Andrea Nobile was born in 1977 and he lives in Rome. Scriptwriter for TV series like "Distretto di Polizia", "Squadra Antimafia", "Il Tredicesimo Apostolo", "Solo", and many others; he teaches drama writing at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and has been the main tutor of the College Series at Scuola Holden.

Together with Leonardo D'Agostini and Antonella Lattanzi he is writing "Aurora", a sci-fi series that is currently in pre-production and that has been developed during SeriesLab Italia 2015.