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Tom Dercourt




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In 1996, Tom Dercourt founded Les Films à un dollar. He was joined in 2004 by Sophie Erbs, and the company became Cinéma Defacto in 2007. The track-record of both companies totals more than thirty-two feature films. Now focusing on coproducing internationally as main & lead producers but also as coproducers, they have acquired a sense of expertise on every aspect of the cinematographic work. From script development to financing ingeniery, shooting & film editing, and sales & festivals marketing. They both aim to serve a cinematographic vision with aesthetic sense and political commitment.

company profile

Cinéma Defacto is a human-scale production company. It aims at supporting filmmakers by providing them with the necessary tools and attention to foster the realization of their ambitions. The structure was conceived to optimize production process in order to serve a cinematographic vision.

Its catalogue includes 32 feature films, almost all of which were co-produced and premiered in a A-category festival. The company is run by two associates coming from two different generations: Tom Dercourt, member of ACE network, created the company after a ten-year experience as producer for a different company, and Sophie Erbs, EAVE member, joined the team in 2004 and became associate in 2012.

Cinéma Defacto is also related to the distribution field, since Tom Dercourt funded the high-profile distribution company Shellac in 2003, which distributed more than 150 films in France, and La Septième Salle in 2012, the first on demand theatrical distribution programming tool for exhibitors and distributors.