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Loeloe Hendra

Loeloe Hendra


Scriptwriter, Film Director


FeatureLab 360 Participant 2017


Loeloe Hendra (1987) is a bachelor of Television Major in Indonesian Art Institute Yogyakarta. So far he has directed 5 short films. One of them is “Onomastika” (2014), winner of the best short film in Festival Film Indonesia (Indonesian Film Festival) 2015, selected in Generation Kplus – 65th Berlin International Film Festival 2015, Jakarta International Film Festival, Short-shorts Film Festival & Asia Tokyo 2015, and Interfilm Berlin 2015. In 2014 he also had the chance to participate in Script & Pitch Feature Film Project di Souhteast Asia Film Lab, Singapore. His short film titled “Ilalang Ingin Hilang Waktu Siang” (LOST WONDERS) is supported by Yogyakarta Art Council and competed in the Silverscreen Award Singapore International Film Festival, 2016. His new short film TIGU (Egg) has just finished in January 2017.

company profile

Elora Production was founded in 2013 by Siska Raharja. The production house have produced contemporary visual art television programme for Bloomberg TV called ARTLINE. The program was created due to the lack of knowledge of most Indonesian about the contemporary visual art. Elora also collaborated with INDOARTNOW, a non profit organization and produced almost 100 documentaries about Indonesian artists. So far, Elora Productions have produced three short films. Among them are: LOST WONDERS (dir.Loeloe Hendra) which competed in Silver Screen Awards SGIFF 2016, Flowers In The Wall (dir.Eden Junjung) which became official selection in “Light of Asia” programme of Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2016, International Competition Bogota Short Film Festival 2016 and International Competition Busan Short Film Festival 2017. Lastly, we produced TIGU (dir.Loeloe Hendra) in 2017. We put our faith and fully support alternative films as an important part of creating cultural and political openness not only in Indonesia but also universally.