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Vassilis Kosmopoulos

Vassilis Kosmopoulos


Institution, Film Fund


Decision Maker 2017


Vassilis Kosmopoulos studied Film and Television directing in Athens and Munich (HFF), Theater (BA & MSc) at the University of Athens, Documentary Filmmaking in international co-production schemes (Documentary Campus Masterschool 2006), Quality Journalism and New Technologies (MA) at Danube University of Krems (graduation pending) and he is a PhD candidate (Department of Theatre Studies, University of Athens).

Awarded filmmaker, working both in fiction and documentaries while experimenting in various other forms (cinematic and multimedia installation projects), he has also worked as a researcher on Culture & Education matters, Audiovisual Heritage and Digital Archive projects.

Experienced academic educator, both in under & post-graduate level, he has taught Media Education & Audiovisual Literacy (2002-04), Documentary directing (2007-09), Introduction in Filmmaking (2007-08), Audiovisual Storytelling for New Media Journalists (2013) and Making an educational video (2009-13).
Considered as an expert in audiovisual story-telling, he has expanded his professional and academic interests into the New Media world.

Since February 2017, he is appointed as Director of Production and Development at the Greek Film Centre.

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GFC is the main institution that exercises cinematic policy in Greece.
Its main goals are:
a) The protection, support and development of film production in Greece,
b) The promotion and diffusion of Greek film productions, both domestically and internationally,
c) The promotion of Greece abroad as an appropriate location for filming cinematic and audiovisual productions, as well as the attraction of foreign cinematic and audiovisual productions in Greece.