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Jami Mahmood

Jami Mahmood

United States

Film Director, Production


Decision Maker 2017


Watching Star Wars in 1977, he knew he was hooked to the magic of cinema: he went on to study film from Art Centre, College of Design, Pasadena, USA.
Jami's directorial debut "Pal do Pal" changed the landscape for music videos in Pakistan. Since then he has done numerous award winning. This year, he won both Lisbon Golds and Clio for his commercials, and wrote, directed and producer two films: "Moor" and "O21" - "Moor" being the official Oscar entry from Pakistan, Jami hope to widen and and explore new horizons.
His heart is set on production beautiful, engaging movies that provoke thought.

company profile

Azadfilm company is Jami's child. He set this production company with the sole purpose to be able to create out of the box visual expressions. To produce movies that are thought provoking and cinematically beautiful. Also to provide a similar platform for others. Azadfilm has produced many award winning commercials and music videos and has enhanced into the movie making business.