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Claudia Soranzo

Claudia Soranzo




Decision Maker 2017


Claudia Soranzo was born in Padova on 7th April 1987. She took a BA in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production at University of Bologna. Then she attended a Master in Film Production and Location Managment at Cà Foscari – University of Venice. Since January 2016, Claudia has worked as Producer for Nefertiti Film. She has been involved in the production of commercial videos, fiction feature films, creative documentaries. She is working on international co-production projects to improve her knowledge on the dynamics governing these partnerships and expand her network.
Actually she is working in production team of “Piccolo Corpo” by Laura Samani, “Menocchio” by Alberto Fasulo, “’15-’18 Disobbedienti alla Guerra” by Fredo Valla and “History of Love” by Sonja Prosenc.
In 2017 Claudia was selected to partecipate at MAIA Workshops.

company profile

Nefertiti Film is an independent production company which operates at both national and international levels. It creates research projects with a strong authorial orientation for film, but not only, all based on an ‘artisan’ philosophy. It is a small but dynamic company, with a modular structure, that adapts itself to the work-in-progress. Nefertiti Film believes that cinema can be a means of social development. Its projects stimulate the audience to active participation: the film becomes the starting point for personal reflection, which is an integral element of viewing the film but also continues outside the cinematographic scope.