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Faisal Rafi

Faisal Rafi


Musician, Production


Decision Maker 2017


Faisal Rafi is a multidisciplinary Producer/Artist with over 20 years of experience across the Television, Film and Music Industries.
Beginning his career at pioneering production company, Pyramid Productions, Faisal went on to become the Chief Producer for Pyramid and between 1998 and 2003 he produced dozens of TV Commercials, Branded and Narrative based TV content, including current TV sensation, "Pepsi Battle of the Bands", and also supervised the production of features for Television. Faisal was also one of the pioneering cinematographers of Pakistan, shooting a multitude of content for various directors on 35mm film during his years at Pyramid Productions.
From 2003 untill 2012, Faisal was the principle Producer at the largest production company in Pakistan, The Crew Films. Faisal produced hundreds of TV commercials and serialized Drama productions for The Crew Films. Faisal was also the chief consulting Producer for The Crew Films’ feature “Dukhtar”, though he chose to remain uncredited.
Currently Faisal Rafi runs Silent Media and Another Life, both are feature film production companies based in Karachi. Faisal Co Produced “Noces”, a Belgian film which was released to critical acclaim in 2016. Faisal is currently working as Producer on Director Jami Mehmood’s next feature film based on the 1992 cricket world cup and is also working as Producer/Creator on the first Asian TV Series to be made for internet giant Netflix.
Along with his TV and Film work, Faisal also owns and operates Pakistan’s largest Cinema integration company, C’Ion Cinema. The combination of all these experiences makes him the ideal Producer to helm a film project of any size and scale anywhere in the world.

company profile

Silent Media is a Karachi-based production company, founded in 2014. We produce feature-length fiction films, documentaries and music videos, providing in-house technical facilities for production and post-production. Rail welcomes all kinds of scripts, especially those which can be considered game changers in both local and international markets. Pakistan finds itself in a film revival stage, which we hope to boost via international collaborations. We are currently developing three feature films that we aim to complete in 2018/19 including "Baghdadi", "Bloody Nasreen" and "Dou Piaza".