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Thomas Lambert

Thomas Lambert




Decision Maker 2017
Decision Maker 2016


Former cinema student at the Sorbonne Nouvelle's school, Thomas Lambert began at LUMINA FILMS in 2011, where he was assisting Marie Napoli in the production and broadcasting of shorts films and TV documentaries. Late 2012, he joins ROUGE INTERNATIONAL’s team where he works side by side with Julie Gayet and Nadia Turincev. During 5 years, he has been involved in the executive production of features french-initiative films ("The Boss’s Daughter" by Olivier Loustau, "Jailbirds" by Audrey Estrougo, "Raw" by Julia Ducournau) and to international coproduction ("The Treasure" by Corneliu Porumboiu, "Mimosas" by Oliver Laxe, "The Insult" by Ziad Doueiri). Late 2017, he creates his own production company, MABEL FILMS.

company profile

MABEL FILMS is a young and independent production company created by Thomas Lambert late 2017 and based in Paris. Its purpose is to produce feature films for cinema and television - fiction and documentaries - directed by emerging talents from all horizons. Driven by the desire to be the closest from each film’s identity, MABEL FILMS aims to be a careful partner serving authors through their creative paths and at all steps of production. Seeking to focus on diversity and mix of genres, MABEL FILMS defends strong and singular points of view and would like to develop long time partnerships with its authors to make sure they will get the best national and international coverage.