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Tolga Dilsiz

Tolga Dilsiz




Decision Maker 2017


Tolga Dilsiz (*1977) was born in Goeppingen, Germany as a son of Turkish immigrants. After his A-levels (Abitur) in 1998, he worked as a production assistant for commercial productions in Munich. From 2001, he studied film directing at the Zurich University of the Arts and graduated with the short film RIZA KAPTAN in 2005.
After film school, he worked as a director of national and international commercials. His works were awarded at the EPICA, One Showcase, New York Festivals and were shortlisted for the Cannes Lions. In 2007, he founded his own production company z&z, which specializes in commercials, corporate films and consulting in audiovisual communication. In 2015, he graduated with a Master in Brand & Marketing Management at the University of Applied Sciences and Art Lucerne.
Tolga Dilsiz co-founded 8horses in 2013 together with fellow filmmakers and is the executive producer in the company.

company profile

8horses was founded in 2013 by a collective of filmmakers, writers, artists and cinematographers who have known each other for more than ten years and been working together regularly. They regularly meet at plenary sessions where they discuss and take important decisions by voting. Smaller workgroups follow current projects. Film projects are supervised always by two members as producers. We see our unconventional company structure as a great strength. The members contribute to the collective with their creative potential and experience. We use the strength of our group to promote and protect the individuality of each member. We keep the roles flexible and the infrastructure slim, which allows us to dare things, which a traditional company cannot afford. The films that we want to produce are as diverse as our members. We all have in common that we want to make films that display a distinct, individual view on the world.