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Paula Agostinho

Paula Agostinho




Decision Maker 2017


Born in Luanda in 1985, Paula has been very interested in music, photography and cinema since childhood. She graduated in Performing Arts in 2007, in Lisbon, while taking private piano and voice classes to pursue her music studies.
Paula attended the professional music course at Espaço Evoé and the jazz course at the Luiz Villas-Boas jazz school in Lisbon.
Returning to Luanda in 2013 she became a producer at Geração 80, producing commercials (for brands such as Unitel and Fidelidade), music videos (producing an eight videos visual music album alongside director Fradique) and corporate and institutional videos (for companies like Chevron, BP, Total, European Union and Unicef).
In 2017 she was Assistant Director to Marta Dias for the play Toda a Cidade Ardia at Teatro Aberto, Lisbon.
She is currently producing two feature films - a dance documentary, Inverted Stage (Palco Invertido); and The Kingdom of Casuarinas (O Reino das Casuarinas).

company profile

Created in 2010 by Fradique Jorge Cohen and Tchiloia Lara, Geração 80 is an Angolan production company made of filmmakers, photographers, producers and other creative people, all with a sole ambition: to inspire a new generation. With Angola as its backdrop, they have produced number of documentaries, short films, commercials and music videos. Documentaries (Independence in 2015, Do Outro Lado do Mundo in 2016, El Último País in 2017, and Palco Invertido, in production) short films (Ear Of The Beholder and Havemos de Voltar in 2017, and Alambamento in 2011) and fiction (The Kingdom of Casuarinas in development).