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Alessandra Miletto

Alessandra Miletto


Film Fund, Film Commission


Decision Maker 2018
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Alessandra Miletto graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Turin with a thesis in Film Studies (History and Criticism) focussing on the works of Tod Browning. After college, she attended further Writing and Communication workshops. She has taught and researched Film Education at many schools and institutions and at the Istituto Luce in particular, she studied the propaganda and war films of the fascist era.
In 2011 she works as location and production manager for Fondazione Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste until 2013 when she is appointed director of the foundation. At the end of office term as director she becomes international consultant for Italian Film Commission Association and consultant for the MIBACT’s project “Italy for Movies” managed by Cinecittà; she also works as programmer and coordinator for Cervino CineMountain Festival and FrontDoc Film Festival. In October 2017 she is appointed director of Fondazione Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste again.

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The Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste is a non-profit Foundation established by Regional Law n°36, 9 November 2010. It embodies the will of the Regional Government to support and develop the movie and audiovisual industry to promote the area and to foster local entrepreneurship and employment.
The objectives of the Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste additionally include training, coordinating exhibitions in the movie domain and protecting and promoting the local audiovisual assets and patronage.