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Olivier Chantriaux

Olivier Chantriaux




Since 2008, Olivier Chantriaux has produced over 25 works with his company FILMO. Short films like : "ON THE EDGE" by Grégoire COLIN, "MODEL VILLAGE" by Hayoun KWON, Arnaud DUFEYS’s "VERTIGO", coproduced with Belgium and the 3-D movie : "SOIR DE FETE" by David ROBERT in coproduction with Arte.
The last films include "THE SILENCE": the Farnoosh SAMADI & Ali ASGARI’s film in coproduction with KINO PRODUZIONNI (Italy) selected for the Official selection at Cannes Film Festival 2016, nominated for NASTRI D’ARGENTO, for the CESAR 2018 and preselected for the OSCAR 2018; "SAID’S CREMATION" by Julien SICARD, "SABINE" by Sylvain ROBINEAU and the animated movie "LEAD IN THE HEAD" by Aurore PEUFFIER are still in exploitation. FILMO also coproduced in 2015 with Taiwan the first feature film "FORET DEBUSSY" by the director Cheng-chui KUO.
With his new company FILMO2 he continues the development of new authors and international coproductions.
The first feature of Julien SICARD co-write with Francois Olivier ROUSSEAU: "LE COUPABLE EN MOI (THE SINNER IN ME)", the Greek 1st feature of Minos NIKOLAKAKIS, "DRYADE" and "THE LAMB" by Mario PIREDDA and the 1st feature TENSIONE SUPERFICIALE by Giovanni ALOI coproduced with OMBRE ROSSE Films.
Producer, Olivier CHANTRIAUX, began his career working for distribution companies such as Pyramid, Pan-European, Polygram and Universal Pictures. He is a member of the executive committee at the Independent Producers Union (SPI). He was also elected as a shorts films adviser at PROCIREP commission and member of the short film commission of UNIFRANCE in 2013 & 2014. He is also member of the selection comitee for the official selection for short films at the Cannes Film Festival and he's also been member of the comitee at the Cesar academy for the short films.
In 2015 FILMO joined other 3 companies to create a new international sales and festival company: MANIFEST.

company profile

FILMO2 is a brand new film production company created in December 2016 by Luca Cabriolu (also producer and C.E.O of Mediterranea film in France and Ombre Rosse Film Production in Italy), Olivier Chantriaux (also producer and C.E.O. of Filmo in France), Colin Maunoury (former producer of Mediterranea films) and Philippe Bosse, producer at Filmo.
Luca, Olivier, Philippe and Colin joined forces to create a company focused on young french talents as much as young new film directors from around the world, selected with care at the best film festivals and co-production and script development markets and help them with their first or second film and possibly more.
Although pretty young, the company is already very active with some projects already finalized and in different stages of devoloppement.
"Andrea s’en va au ciel" (Andrea goes to heaven) - Mathieu Lis. Feature film- 2017 (in postproduction)
The movie is been submitted to the 70th Cannes film Festival and editing is at the final stage.
"Happy today" - Giulio Tonincelli - Short film 15 min. Short documentary about midwives in Africa.
"Le coupable en moi" (The culprit in me) - Julien Sicard - 1st Feature film (screenplay- second draft)
"L’agnello" (The sheep) - Mario Piredda - Feature film (treatment-third draft) First feature film by Mario Piredda, young director from Sardinia in Italy, winner this year of the David di Donatelo award (the most important film awards in Italy) for his short
“A casa mai” (In my house). In co-production with Articolture.